Online Pathology Information System

Pathology Lab Management System brings the most efficient, rapid reporting and EMR software. Integrated secured Web-based Pathology Management System offers to manage all the activities involved in the pathology center.

Pathology management software offers to add different test packages as per pathology and the customer can search and book a package as per their need. We have developed Pathology Lab Management System, especially for labs to manage Patients information, Appointment, Lab Request and Lab results with the report. It offers reduced costs, improved efficiency, increase profits with transparency and flexibility. Pathology management software that coordinates and integrates all the activities involved in the Pathology lab.

Best Laboratory Management System

Pathology Laboratory Management System can be used in pathology to book patient tests, details of the patient and test reports. This ideal software also provides efficiency to maintain lab records. The concepts and developing behind the Pathology Software to save time and increase productivity and revenue of pathology labs.

  • Book a Patients’ Test.
  • Conduct an appointment as per the patient and requirement.
  • Pathology Admin can approve, manage, or reject the booked test.
  • The accountant or receptionist can generate an invoice according to the tests.
  • Lab Technicians can perform the test and after the diagnosis the can enter records of the test.
  • The patient will get an email Notification of Approval of Appointment and Reminder before the appointment.
  • Pathology Lab Management System is also provide to connect with Mobile Application.
  • Lab Testing Unit are pre-configured and customized reports in the system.
  • Email & SMS Facility to connect with patients instantly.
  • Reports can be sent directly through email or SMS to physicians, consultant or even to patients thereby speeding up the patient treatment cycle.
  • The results of lab tests are downloadable.
  • Doctor’s commission is automatically calculated on the patient bill.
  • Security in software is maintained at every required point.
  • Maintain patient’s history and it will regenerate take a look at Report any time.
  • Most secured data and user friendly
  • Easily accessable and affordability
  • Suitable for all sized diagnostic centre, pathology labs & hospitals.
  • Robust and Low Maintenance.
  • Keep track of daily, monthly and annual accounts.
  • Keeping track of all form of expenses and receipts.
  • Backup & Restore facility of information.
  • Different Records and reports will get Patients, doctors. Pathologists, Technicians can also be created and store in the records area.

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